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Part 5: Leveraging Data and Automation for Real-Time Content

Learn how to create data-driven communication in this webinar to help drive behavior modification for your business.

Discover how to use various Korbyt data source integrations for performance metrics and impactful dashboards.

In this fifth and final installment, you'll learn how to use fixed and variable data adapters and common uses for them such as CSV data, Salesforce metrics and Contact Center statistics. You'll also see demonstration of ways to format data in layouts with visuals and gauges, and how to activate data-driven playlists and alerts. Finally, the RMG team will introduce you to the power of Korbyt KAI - AI tools available to Korbyt users for automating effective content management and delivery.

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Webinar Presenter:

Joe Nidever
Solution Engineer



Ben Johnston
VP, Business Development


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Leveraging Data and Automation for Real-time Content is part five of a five part series. Access the complete Intro to Korbyt Webinar series recorded webinars:

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